Our ongoing Oral History & Research Project is preserving the untold stories of our community. Through extensive research and personal interviews, we aim to shed light on marginalized and hidden narratives. As a partner program of the National Park Service’s African American Civil Rights Network, we are proud to help give voice and recognition to those who have been historically silenced. Led by Dr. Vernon Burton, Perry Distinguished Chair of History and Professor of Pan-African Studies, Sociology and Anthropology, and Computer Science at Clemson University, our team is committed to preserving and uplifting these important stories..

This work will contribute to future exhibitions inside the Echo Theater and serve as a foundation for commemorative and memorialization work within our community and beyond.


As we continue the ongoing transformation of the Echo Theater, The Echo Project is developing a range of educational programs in collaboration with subject matter experts, educators, and public historians. On-site and online programming will offer valuable opportunities for students to learn and participate in meaningful discussions, hands-on projects, and community service initiatives. Our goal is to share this inspiring story with students of all ages, empowering them to stand up for what’s right.

Comprehensive online resources will complement the educational experience. These resources will be accessible to students, educators, and families across the world, providing a wealth of materials and lessons that bring the transformative story of the Echo Theater to life.


While the physical transformation of the Echo Theater continues, The Echo Project remains dedicated to engaging with the public through ongoing programs and events. Our community programs have not only connected us with Laurens County, but have also provided us with the privilege of sharing our story and programming across South Carolina and the nation. From film screenings and community discussions to outreach initiatives and special events, our public programming celebrates diversity, fosters dialogue, and inspires communities far and wide with the power of doing what’s right.

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