Over the past year, a multi-disciplined team of world-class educators, civil rights leaders, historians, and architects have worked together on a design true to our goal: creating an experience that connects the narrative of the Echo Theater to the struggle for social justice and civil rights in American history.

We have launched our Opening Doors Campaign to raise the remaining $6M to complete the transformation of the Echo Theater, create innovative exhibitions and programming - and open our doors to the public.

We need you to help transform a former place of hate into a place of hope, remembrance, and peace.

The Opening Doors Leadership Circle is comprised of community leaders and strong advocates for building positive change. The support of this advisory group will open the doors to the new Echo Theater.

All giving levels will receive prominent recognition in the Echo Museum and Education Center. Leadership Circle members will be recognized inmany ways, including logo placement on The Echo Project’s website, newsletter, as well as in-person and online special events.

Join the Opening Doors Leadership Circle with a tax-deductible gift and create a new future for ALL.

SUPPORTER - $10,000 - Supporters of the Leadership Circle will be recognized on the new staircase visitors will ascend at the start of their journey as they "move into the light" towards the Exhibition Balcony. This staircase will be located where the segregated entrance, a prominent symbol of hatred and fear, once stood.

ADVOCATE - $15,000 - Advocates of the Leadership Circle will be recognized in the Exhibition Balcony where key exhibits tell stories of courage in the face of racial intimidation.

BUILDER - $25,000 - Builders of the Leadership Circle will be recognized in the Library of Hope, a culminating experience for visitors which transforms education into reflection and positive action.

STEWARD - $50,000 - Stewards of the Leadership Circle will be recognized in the Welcome Lobby, where guests are invited inside the Echo Theater to seek lesser-known history and become part of the movement to build a better future for all.

FOUNDER - $100,000 and above - - Founders of the Leadership Circle will be featured as exhibition sponsors, as well as be spotlighted on the front doors of the Echo Theater. After experiencing The Echo Project’s inspiring story, guests will open these doors into the light, newly inspired and ready to make positive change in their own communities.

Look Inside the NEW Echo Theater

As part of the launch of our Opening Doors campaign, we are so excited to share our new visitor journey for the Echo Theater, which will emphasize an ‘interactive and transformative experience’ for guests that not only teaches and confronts the past, but also instills the importance of standing for positive change in every community.

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